About Poetry Street

The Poetry Street Project began as a graduate-school project by Catt Foy while attending Western Illinois University to complete her master's degree in English.  Formerly homeless, the issue of talented people being trapped by the circumstances of extreme poverty was very important to Foy.  A classroom text that discussed the importance of service-learning as a part of solutions in the community inspired her to begin collecting works for the Poetry Street Project. 

The Poetry Street Project publishes poetry, short stories, essays, drawings and black and white photographs produced by people of talent who have experienced homelessness.  It serves as a way for those whose talents might go undiscovered to be showcased, to raise awareness of the needless loss of human talent caused by homelessness, and to help make individuals suffering from homelessness or extreme poverty be seen by society as real people with real dreams, hopes, and abilities. 

You can follow the original story by visiting the Poetry Street Blog at http://poetrystreet.blogspot.com.

The Poetry Street Project has recently begun to purchase and provide art and writing supplies to needy people of talent.  We need your help in purchasing these materials.  Please help support our efforts by making a donation of any size through PayPal.  Thanks for your generous support!